A Lush Birthday.

l1There are a gazillion and one reasons why I love being an Aunty. Too many to list here. Note to self: potential future blog post. However, getting to share special moments and memories with 3 of the most gorgeous girlies is a highlight of my life.

Today was my eldest nieces 10th birthday party and I can honestly I think I enjoyed it easily as much as the kids!! Me, my mum, my sister, my niece and 5 of her friends popped into town after closing and quite literally got locked inside Lush… Heaven!! I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to give any spoilers away but it was incredible.

l2They started off with a quick introduction of the staff members and the kids… And handed out trusty name badges!! “Can you tell me your name, what you like most about the store and how do you know the birthday girl?” My answer, had I been actually taking part: Polly, Aunty P to my nieces, I like Lush because they introduced me to Angels On Bare Skin; a product I now swear by, and I know Lilly because she’s been making me the proudest Aunty on the planet for 10 years.” Then they got into the games and activities – again, I don’t want to give too much away, but just as a teaser:

Create Your Own Bath Bomb.

This was a great way to kick off the activities. It gave the girls who hadn’t been to Lush before a taster of what it’s all about and it allowed them to get a bit messy… What kids don’t like making a mess. The product they got to make today was the Butterbear which is a bath bomb filled with Columbian Coco butter, Citric acid, Ylang Ylang oil and much more which means this bomb will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and is perfect for young and old alike.

Dont Lick Your Lips Challenge.

By far the funniest thing that happened. I am a huge fan of the Lush Lip Scrub’s and I think I have just found my new favourite party game. It was quite simply a game of word association. However, they had to cover their lips in one of the delicious Lip Scrubs and were not allowed to lick their lips or let their lips touch. Try it… It’s hilarious.

Lucy, the lady that was leading the party also told us that there are 2 new Lip Scrubs out specially for the festive period; Sugar Plumb Fairy and Santa Baby, they both look and smell incredible so I can not wait to try those!!

Lush have started bringing out their Christmas range and yes, it’s too early for Christmas, but some of their festive products are to die for and I couldn’t say no. So I may do a little mini Lush Haul, Christmas edition very soon!

But for now, I just want to say a huge thank you to the staff at Lush. They never fail to amaze me. They are always so helpful, friendly and knowledgable! It’s actually crazy how much they know about every single product!! They made a 10 year old beauty extremely happy and her and her friends loved every minute. Lilly was already a huge Lush fan but now there’s 5 other little cuties who I’m sure will now all be adding Lush products to the Christmas lists.


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