Holiday Go-ers.

1So I’m currently on day 2 of my jollies, finished reading my first book, drank more cocktails than necessary, gained a couple of strap marks and watched a lot of people.  Which brings me to this post.

It suddenly occurred to me as I was, not so subtly watching people through my tinted sun glasses, that you always seem to encounter the same types of people no matter where you are in the Holiday world. So with a couple of hours left of sun to soak up and no book to read, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Types of people you’re bound to meet on your jollies: 

  • The Stags.

Be it an actual Stag Do or just a “Lads On Tour” getaway, these are the guys you tend to notice first… Whether you like it or not. You often hear them before you see them and it’s usually some form of chant, encouraging the other lads to “Down your drink in 8, 7, 6…” Need I say more.

  • The Hens.

Where there’s stags, there’s usually hens. They’re the ones who spread themselves out over an unnecessary amount of sun beds, taking up a huge space around the pool. They’ll all have penis straws, pink fluffy hats, matching t-shirts with their names on and my personal favourite, the penis shaped lilo.

  • The easy-going parents.

The parents that are more bothered about catching up with the latest gossip in their ‘OK’ magazine to realise that cute little Billy has just dive bombed into the pool for the 15th time this morning, drenching you, your towel and the book you were reading in the process. But it’s ok… “kids will be kids”.

  • The over-protective parents.

You can spot these a mile off. There the ones with all their children in full wet suits, hats and thick strips of sun cream down their noses and across their cheeks.

  • The sun worshipers

These guys are usually already rocking a golden brown tan on the first day but they “definitely do not use sun beds” back home. They lay motionless for hours, only moving to follow the direction of the sun or to take a quick sip of their Piña Colada.

  • The Lobster.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been this holiday maker. “It’s cloudy” they said, “I don’t need sun cream” they said. Unfortunately, they did need sun cream and now I wince every time they move at their red raw skin and bright white strap marks.

  • The moaner.

No holiday destination is complete without the token moaning mortal. Nothing the hotel can do will please them; The weather isn’t like it was in the photos, the room is too small, the pool is too cold… you can tell they are itching to get home and get on Trip Advisor. You’ll often find them at the reception desk saying “I’m not complaining but…”

  • The Lovebirds

Usually found giggling together in the swimming pool or snuggling up on a sun bed. Let’s face it… Who wants to cuddle in 30 degree heat?! It’s probably their first holiday together or their honeymoon so let’s give them a bit of slack. Maybe I’m just jealous.

  •  The Instagram’er.

I have to say… This one is pretty much me. We can always be found with our phone or camera in hand taking photos of everything; food, our sun kissed legs, cocktails and random objects that are of course “Instagramable.” We often forget to relax and enjoy our holiday because we’re too busy deciding which filter looks best.

  • The adventurer.

The couples that are more bothered about experiencing the culture of the destination rather than having a chilled week away. They are usually sporting the good old “socks with sandals” combo and are busy looking at their map of the island deciding which mountain to climb first.

So there we have it… My list of typical holiday makers.

Im gonna go and enjoy the rest of my week away now… Thanks for reading.

See you soon



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