14Do you love jeans as much as I do? Do you constantly find yourself wearing jeans? Are jeans your go-to fashion item?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, read on! I’m going to give you my top tips on finding the perfect pair!


Dont settle for the first pair you come across. Try as many different fits and cuts as possible until you find a style that is perfect for you. The harsh reality is – If the jean doesn’t fit, (no matter how much you love them) the jean doesn’t fit.

There are certain styles that I absolutely love! For example, the Mom jean. That sort of style is 100% my cup of tea… do they fit my body shape?! Hell no! Jeans are made to make you feel confident and accenturate your best bits so find a style that suits your body shape and I promise you will feel a million dollars!



You have to keep in mind that every shop, every label, every designer manufactures their clothes differently so you may be a size 10 in one shop and a 12 in the other. Don’t worry about it!! What jeans do you know that have the size printed up the side of the leg? None! Find a pair that fits without worrying about the size on the label.

If you’re anything like me and love a good charity shop bargain you have to remember to completely disregard the sizes! Every second hand item of clothing has been worn and washed totally differently. Most jeans will break into your body shape so when shopping second hand keep this in mind.



If you’re shopping for a specific occasion, be sure to style yourself to match said occasion! For example have you got an interview coming up but don’t want to go all out with a suit? Try a darker or black denim for a more refined and pulled-together look.

Are you like me and a tad on the short side? Try a pair that is cut a little shorter and shows off a bit of ankle; this helps give the illusion of longer legs. Winner!



You don’t always have to stick to what you know. Especially this Autumn/Winter season because the experimental, reworked, restyled look is going to be huge. Why not customise your own pair – cut them shorter to give your ordinary jean a raw hem, add studs, add rips, roll them up, fray them… whatever you want to try, be daring this season! You can’t get a more perfect pair of jeans than ones you’ve styled yourself!


So there we have it… my top tips on finding your perfect pair of jeans this Autumn/Winter! Don’t let jean shopping stress you out… try new things and be experimental and I promise you’ll find a pair you can’t live without.


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