Keeping Golden.

4So the summer holiday period is sadly coming to and end… weep! You’ve been on you jollies and you’re proudly showing off your golden glow – but now what? With your rapidly fading tan and England’s grey skies and rainy days there’s no way of keeping that bronzed bod topped up. Have no fear… read on for my top tips of maintaining your summer skin!

MOISTURISE! – We all lather on the After Sun whilst on holiday so why stop back in England? You can never moisturise enough… don’t give your skin the chance to become dry because once that happens, peeling is inevitable and nobody wants that. Try Nivea’s Express Hydrating Body Lotion – Its hydrating formula contains natural almond oil for long-lasting softness.

AVOID HOT WATER! – As much as being back home in the rain and the cold may be tempting you to run a steaming hot bath or stand under a boiling shower; hot water can dry out your skin. Stick to cool water and try a shower cream instead of a more drying soap or foam. One of my favourites to use is Simple’s Soothing Shower Cream. I love all Simple’s products so this was always going to be a winner in my eyes.

EXFOLIATE! – You may be looking at your screen thinking ‘Yeah ok… exfoliate my tan of?!’ But trust me, leaving dry skin cells sat there can make your skin look dull and less glowing. However, try to avoid exfoliators that contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid; they can be a little too harsh and may as you originally have thought, rub off your tan. Try using a dry body brush or an exfoliating shower sponge – they tend to be more gentle and will just rub away the dead skin cells instead of the whole top layer of your skin (the tanned bit).

DRINK WATER! – Keeping hydrated is super important for your skins health with or without a tan. This might seem irrelevant but trust me… drink plenty and you’re tan will stay put!

AVOID WAXING! – Waxing, as well as stripping hairs, also removes the top layer of cells; which will fade the tan you spent so long sizzling in the sun for, in seconds! Maybe try an epilator? I promise, they aren’t as scary as they first seem. I’m not going to sit here and say the first time you do it isn’t a little uncomfortable but trust me, once you’ve done it a couple of times it is pretty painless and shaving your legs every week soon becomes a distant memory.

Self-Tanning – Ok, so to some this may seem like a little bit of a cheat. However, we will soon have to come to the realisation that we live in a country that for the vast majority of the year… its a little grey. Meaning, unless we use a couple of cheats our beautiful tanned skin is, at some point, going to fade. If you’re like me and do not have the ability to use fake tan without looking like the ‘You’ve Been Tango’ed’ guy, a gradual tanner may be worth thinking about. They’re super easy to incorporate into your every day routine and you don’t have to stand around waiting for it to dry, You can slap it on like a body lotion after your morning shower, get dressed and run out the door. The subtle colour will enhance your tan without looking over done and you can happily reapply every couple of days without worrying about streaks! One of my favourites is the Clarins Self Tanning After Sun Moisturiser.

So there we have it. My top tips on keeping your golden glow. Until next year my fellow sun-worshipers, it was nice while it lasted. Now to prep for the cosy Autumn nights in with lots of hot chocolate… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t secretly looking forward to it.


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