Let me start by saying motivation is definitely not one of my stronger points. Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that as I’m trying my best to get my blog back up and on its feet but hey ho! Honesty is the best policy and all that.

Lets take a leap back in time for a moment. At school I was never the first in line to class, I hardly ever raised my hand to answer questions, revision wasn’t something I ever did because I always had the mindset of… “I’ll just wing it and hope for the best” – heads up kids, this is not the mindset to have! I was a gymnast for a very long time and absolutely loved it but for me it was just a hobby (that helped me get out of doing homework), I had no motivation to be the best in the world.

It wasn’t until I found my love of performance that I ever really felt motivated to truly succeed at something (I’ll save my acting career for another blog post). I think what I’m trying to say is that if you struggle with motivation you are definitely not the only one. Which is why I thought I would share with you my top tips and hope they help you on your path to motivational success!


This, for me, is the most important. My main problem with motivation is planning and sticking to one goal. I tend to have all these great ideas and aspirations but because I don’t plan ahead and track things properly I lose motivation real quick and end up starting something completely new. Not good.

So how do you set yourself goals? Everyone has different goals and aspirations. It might be to improve your fitness, it might be to write a novel or it might be to decorate your house. The first thing to do is not set a goal that is too big – this will make it feel unachievable and once again you’ll lose motivation. On the flip side, make sure you’re pushing yourself and not setting goals that are too easy.

Split your goals into different levels. For example:

  • BIG GOAL: This is the end result. The big picture. The main goal you want to achieve. As an example your big goal could be ‘In 6 months time enter and complete a 10K race.’
  • SUB GOALS: This goal is based on your big goal, just split up into smaller more achievable steps. Taking our example; your sub goal could be to run 1k, then 2k then 3k etc.
  • MINI GOALS: These goals are things you are going to achieve each week which will take you closer to achieving your sub goals and therefore you big goal. So for week 1 your mini goal could be ‘go for a run 2 times this week’.


Like I said earlier, motivation isn’t something that comes easy to me. And I often have days where sitting in my PJ’s, wrapped up in a blanket, coffee in hand and binge watching Netflix sounds like much more fun than doing anything productive. But that’s okay. We’re all human guys!

When I have a day like this its usually my brain giving me a nudge to think about why I’m not feeling motivated and how I can change that. Have I just not slept well therefore I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps? Quite possibly. These things happen, so I’ll come back to it tomorrow and see if I’m feeling any different. Or is it because i’m no longer enjoying the work load that comes with achieving my goals. If this is the case, I know its time for a change. You are in total control of your life and only you can decide what makes you happy… and let’s be honest, who wants to do anything that doesn’t make them happy in some way.


I’m sure we have all been there either at the end of a working day or just before you tuck yourself into bed and suddenly you have the awful realisation that the deadline for that piece of work is 8am tomorrow morning and you’ve not even started it. OOPS. I will quite happily hold my hands up and say this has happened to me more than once, because of one simple fact… I didn’t prioritise.

I find the easiest way for me to prioritise is to get a piece of paper, split it into two columns; Work & Personal. In each column scribble down all the jobs you’ve got to get done; for example your work one might include things like ‘Submit the report by friday’ or ‘Call Mr smith back’ and your personal one might include things like ‘Clean bathroom’ or ‘Buy birthday present for Sarah’. Once you have all your ‘To-Dos’ in front of you grab another bit of paper and do the exact same thing. Only this time order your jobs from high priority to low priority. Whatever you choose for your priorities each day make sure you focus on them and you’ll be at the bottom of that list in no time!

Remember, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Set your goal, split it into achievable chunks, don’t beat yourself up if you lose focus, prioritise your work-load and I promise you will be celebrating your accomplishments before you know it.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. ”


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