Stress Relief.


Writing this post has given me the chance to kind of compare my life to even just 1 year ago and see how much has changed. Lets rewind then because on paper my life doesn’t look all that different. I still work in a hotel doing the same job, I still live at home with my parents and I still have the exact same friends. The only difference was that a year ago I was at the ‘I want to pull my hair out’ stress level. Not pretty. Move forward a year everything is exactly the same apart from my stress levels have dropped significantly… oh and the fact that I found myself an extremely handsome Italian Stallion. But more about that another time!! So what advice can I give to help you de-stress and stop worrying about work? Read on and I’ll spill the beans.


The worst thing to do when dealing with stress is keeping it bottled up. Ignoring stress can lead to illness and that’s no fun for anyone. Acknowledging that you’re stressed can be the biggest way to de-stress. Try making a note each time you find yourself in stressful situation. This does 2 things – It helps you acknowledge the fact that you’re feeling stressed but it also helps you look back and figure out what exactly was the stressor. This can help you look back and figure out ways in which you could potentially deal with certain situations better. For example, if you’re often getting stressed when you have to handle a complaint at work maybe you could speak to your boss about any extra training available in this area of your job. Don’t suffer in silence, speak up.


We find ourselves giving so much of our time and energy to other people; employers, family, friends – what about little old you. If you’re already using all your time and energy on other people by the time it comes to dealing with that stressful situation you’re already burnt out and emotionally drained. So its inevitable that something small could have a large impact on your stress levels. My favourite ‘Me Time’ activity is definitely soaking in a long, hot, bubble bath – but everyone enjoys different things. Pick a day a week and dedicate that day to you, be it enjoying your favourite hobby or simply relaxing on the sofa with Netflix. If you haven’t already, check out my last past about my favourite pamper products!


Studies show that a 20 minute walk can have a similar effect as a mild tranquilizer. If you’ve had a particularly stressful day why not walk around the block or head over to the gym, exert some of that negative energy before it has chance to eat up any of the positive! Walking releases endorphins that can help give you a peaceful state of mind and even relieve pain!


Clutter and untidiness is proven to cause you to feel overwhelmed which is certainly not a calming feeling – so change that! Is your desk super un-organised? Do you have clothes piled up on your bedroom floor? If so, take 10 minutes of your day to get this sorted because if you de-clutter your desk you can de-clutter your mind.


I do need to take my own advise here… I am the worst at eating breakfast. I always find a reason to convince myself that the extra 10 minutes in bed is far better than breakfast. No, Polly, it is not! Starting your day on an empty stomach means your blood sugars are low meaning you’re already going to be feeling grumpy even before that first stressful situation strikes!


This is another one I need to do more of. Yoga’s combination of breathing exercises, stretches, movement and meditation makes it one of the best self-improvement practices you can do. it gives you loads of benefits without using hardly any energy… sounds like my cup of tea!! Even just 5 minutes every morning when you wake up can leave you feeling peaceful and positive all day long.

“Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose.”

— Maureen Killoran

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