I’m sure we’ve all been there and said the words “New Year New Me” or “This year is MY year” etc etc… but really I think each new year is just an opportunity for us to look back on the previous year and give ourselves the chance to reflect on not only the bad things that may have happened but also the good!

Luckily, for me, 2017 was a really great year so in today’s post I’m just going to share with you (in brief because we could be here for hours) my 2017.

So last year started off pretty average, nothing too exciting to report. I was at an OK place with my job; I didn’t love it but I was plodding along. Looking back, I think my job satisfaction wasn’t there because I felt like something was missing but I didn’t know what. So I began thinking of ways to ignite some passion back into my life and the way I felt was best to do so was to get out of my 9-5 and shoot myself straight back into the world of acting. So I did.

Luckily, it wasn’t long until I landed my next acting job and I can’t tell you how excited I was. The job was a Theatre In Education tour around Nottinghamshire, educating children on quite sensitive subjects such as alcoholism, bullying, gender discrimination etc. So, I really felt like what I was doing made a difference. I got my mojo back.

Living in Nottingham is when my life started getting exciting again. For one, I was doing a job I loved and 2, I met my gorgeous Italian Stallion. Unfortunately, I don’t have a romantic ‘how we met’ story… but (excuse the soppy-ness) I knew from the moment I met him he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.

The schools then broke up and I came back home for the summer holidays. If I have any readers that are actors or budding actors, you will know that temp jobs are your best friend. Unfortunately, I’m not quite Angelina Jolie standard just yet so the odd acting job doesn’t make me millions – so when you’re not in acting work little temp jobs are the way to go for a little bit of extra cash. So I got in contact with my old manager and she gave me a job in her new hotel, just doing a bit of admin here and there and just generally helping out. Great, I was happy.

Then the end of Summer came and I had a huge decision on my hands. A full time event planning job became available at the hotel. Now this had always been the type of job I had wanted to do if Acting didn’t work out so I felt extremely torn. Do I go back to living in Nottingham and carry on with my acting job or do I take the full time job back at home?

This is when me and Anthony (hope you don’t mind the name drop babe) went on holiday to Marrakech. I have to say being in a gorgeous hotel, with a gorgeous man, drinking gorgeous cocktails, is such a hard life. But it gave me time to really think and decide what I want to do with my  life and where I want to go. I came to the decision that I wanted a future, a house, a family etc and as much as I loved my acting – the odd acting job and temp work just wasn’t going to cut it. So lying on a sun bed was where I made the decision to go back into 9-5 (kind of) work – and I haven’t looked back since.

The next big thing that happened… and quite easily the most exciting thing to of happened was my engagement! Some of you may have noticed the ‘Wedding Bells‘ tab in my menu. This is going to be a new avenue for my blog to grow and explore. Anyone that knows me will know that I have been dreaming of my big day since the dawn of time and I want to share all my excitement, plans, inspiration etc with you. Well… some of it! I can’t be giving too much away now can i!! But keep an eye out over there for lots of exciting posts; including my engagement story!

That then brings us to Christmas and the New Year and I can honestly say I have had an absolute smasher of a year and I am so excited to see where 2018 takes me. We all have ups and downs and nobody can say for definite what is going to happen in our lives but if I can give one bit of advice for 2018 – Keep positive, keep smiling and keep pushing forward. My life made a complete U-Turn in the blink of an eye and I’m now doing things and looking forward to things I never saw happening in a million years.


5 thoughts on “#NewYearNewMe

  1. I love this post! It is so full of joy of someone who has found joy. It is awesome how those options were presented to you, you didn’t hesitate to grab them but took the time to experience them. Can’t wait to read all about your wedding plans. Congratulations on your engagement!


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