Who Am I?


I realised when doing a bit of a blogging plan for this following month that I’ve never actually introduced my self to any of my readers/followers. How rude. So I thought I should probably fix that slight hiccup as soon as possible.

We all know that I’m a bit of a rambler and I have no problem with sitting and typing for hours on end however, I thought I would change up my style a little bit with this post and try out a Get To Know Me Tag. So although, I haven’t actually been tagged I found a great list of questions over on Girl Versus Makeup Head over there and check out her blog if you haven’t already!

So here are the 25 get to know me questions! Enjoy… 🙂
1.Last Person You Called? – Kat – a really good friend of mine. We were meeting for a girly night in planning her Hen Do and I got lost trying to find her Maid Of Honors house… standard.

2. What was your favorite subject at school?– Either P.E or Drama. I was a super sporty kid for the majority of my school life but found my love of acting when I was about 14/15.

3. What is your favorite drink? Lilt. Happiness in a can.

4. Who is your male celebrity crush? – Josh Holloway. In other words, Sawyer from Lost. Holy Moly.

5. Favorite food? This depends for me. If I just want to get a takeaway and pig out on deliciousness then it would 100% be Chinese. However, I absolutely love Tapas, the fact that you can order so many different things and enjoy a huge variety of foods is just the best.

6. What is the last thing you bought? A fresh set of claws. I get my nails done every 3 weeks.

7. Favorite book of all time? Tricky one. But I am going to have to go with Kenzukes Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This book for me is the reason I started reading properly. My mum brought it for me as a child and I absolutely fell in love.

8. Favorite color? Pink.

9. Have you ever been out of the country?– Yes, quite a lot to be honest. When I was really small we used to go to the South of France quite a lot. We also went to Lanzarote on a yearly basis which I absolutely loved… big up to the Kids Club there – loved that! I’ve been lucky to go to quite a few places however travelling the entire of Italy has to be my number 1 travelling experience.

10. How many siblings do you have? 2 older sisters which sometimes makes me feel like I have 3 mums. But they’re the best!

11. When was the last time you cried? I actually can’t remember exactly. Probably at something super pathetic like a cute puppy video… I’m an emotional wreck.

12. Favorite Movie? Top 3. Nottinghill. Pretty Woman. Dirty Dancing.

13. How Tall are you? 5’2 and a half. The half counts.

14. Can you cook? I’m an absolute boss at Pot Noodles & Pasta.

15. Are you single? Nope, check out my last post about my recent engagement. Just Engaged.

16. Lucky number? 7 or 3.

17. Have you got any tattoos? No – I would love one but I’m 99.5% sure I’d bottle out last minute. I’m not the best when it comes to pain.

18. Do you believe in ghosts? I’m not too sure to be honest. I don’t think I believe that people who have passed are just wandering the streets looking a bit see through however, I do believe that their presence and spirit can be left behind.

19. Do you believe in aliens? I don’t believe that there are little green things with big heads and big eyes roaming around on another planet but at the same time I struggle to believe that Earth is the only planet to have life form.

20. Do you drink alcohol? I can’t say no to a glass of Vino or Bubbly.

21. Where are you from? I was born in London but have spent most of my life in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

22. When’s your birthday? 21st of May. And no, before your ask, that has nothing to do with my name… I was actually 2 and a half months early so if that was the case I should have been called Polly July.

23. What really makes your angry? I wouldn’t say I get angry a lot but I have a couple of things that frustrate me. My dearly beloved will tell you mumbling and slow walkers drive me a little insane.

24. Favorite Band? Boyzone have always and will always be my number 1. Me and my big sister are the ultimate fans. I will never be too old to dance around my bedroom to their cover of The Going Gets Tough. However, I have also found a huge place in my heart for The Overtones – If you have never heard of these guys before you need to!!

25. Weird habit? Not sure if it’s classed as a habit but when I’m in bed I have to have 1 foot hanging out of the covers or I suffer from a severe case of ‘Flame Foot’. That’s a real clinical diagnosis… honest.


So there we have it; a few little bits and bobs about me. If any one else fancies having a go at this Tag let me know in the comments; I’d love to get to know you all a little more.

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13 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hello, what a lovely way to get to know you. Some really nice questions there and I liked you’re answers. I bet it’s nice to do, so that your readers know who’s behind the posts. X

    Liked by 1 person

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