What’s In My Bag?


img_4054_facetune_07-02-2018-14-12-25I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now but after receiving this beautiful bag from Boutique Of Molly I couldn’t help myself.

Firstly… can we all just take a minute to appreciate the sheer beauty of this bag! I mean, if she was a human she would be a solid 10/10. As I am sure you are all aware I am in love with the colour Pink so this bag has got ‘me’ written all over it. The quality of the material is amazing and I can already tell this bag is going to last me a long while… YAY! The flap fastens with a magnetic popper which means you haven’t got to worry or deal with any frustrating zips or clasps. It has 3 main compartments inside along with some side slip pockets, which is amazing for me as I like my bag to be organised… phone and purse in one bit, diary in another and make up in another etc. My favourite part of this bag is the detail the Golden Metalic ring and chain adds to an already stunning item – for me it just adds a bit of something different to your every day handbag. However, what I find most useful about this bag is it comes with a really easy to adjust, detachable shoulder strap. This means you can work this bag as a clutch on a night out with the girls or dress this beauty down with the shoulder strap for a day out shopping.

Do you love this bag as much as I do? Why not head over to Boutique Of Molly and check out their amazing range of clothes & accessories. If you’re anything like me you wont be able to help yourself and you’ll be piling the items into your basket! When you get to check out use my discount code POLLYMAY20 to recieve 20% off all your items!

I’m not going to bore you with my Primark purse and IPhone SE… they’re not that exciting, I promise. However, I thought I would share with you a few of the other items you tend to find hanging around in my bag each day.


First things, first. My diary. I always spend way too long in December/January time shopping for my next years diary but I found this one in WH Smiths and fell in love. I know the Marble effect is really popular at the minute and a long with the pink Twenty Eighteen strip, I just couldn’t say no. I am completely old school when it comes to organising and planning, I still have to write everything down with a good old pen and paper so a Diary is a must-have in my handbag.



Nobody ever wants to smell bad, right? So I always make sure I have some sort of body spray on hand just in case. In my job I talk to and meet a lot of people, so it’s always handy to have a little bottle to give you a quick spritz before going into a meeting. My personal favourites are the Soap & Glory Mini’s and Ted Baker. They both come in a variety of different fragrances and I love them all. I am currently using the Fruitigo by Soap & Glory which is a really refreshing citrus smell that always helps to perk me up on these cold Winter mornings. The Ted Baker one that I also carry around with me has a much more floral kind of smell which I tend to use for work.


So my Pearl compact mirror is definitely an essential for my handbag wherever I go. Not just for my mini vain moments where I need to check that I’m looking at least half decent but more so for the fact that it’s actually a portable charger… girls best friend, I tell you! I always like to carry around a lip stick and a lip gloss wherever I go. Mainly in the Winter, but I often suffer with really dry lips and sometimes Lip Stick just isn’t the one for those bad lip days. However, I find if I team a Lip Stick with a clear Lip Gloss I can still have the colour but without the worry of drying or cracking lips. Winner. I currently have in my bag this gorgeous Mac Lip Stick in the shade Rebel; my skin tone tends to suit these darker shades a lot more so whatever the season you can always count of me for a nice Berry lip. Now the lip gloss I’m using at the minute is my most recent purchase; the Lip Voltage plumping gloss. I won’t go into too much detail as I am planning on doing a full review of this however what I can tell you is that I definitely don’t regret buying it.


Some of you may or may not know that I am a fully trained Professional Pretender. Yes… I often pretend to be other people. At the minute I’m not currently working full time as an actor however, I did manager to bag myself the part of Gloria is Brassed Off. So I’m currentlt carrying my script around trying to use every spare 5 minutes to learn more lines. So… if you happen to be in the Rotherham, South Yorkshire area in the last week of April bob down to the theatre and watch me pretend.


And there we have it. Some of the less boring items that I carry around with me every day. Let me know in the comments if you use any of the items I’ve mentioned here or if you have any essential items in your handbag that you feel lost without.

Once again, go and check out Boutique Of Molly’s amazing range and use the code POLLYMAY20 at checkout for a further 20% discount! You won’t be dissapointed, I promise.

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