Love Yourself.


It’s Valentines Day people! Day’s like today I feel extremely lucky to be able to share with someone I truly love and cherish but I know not everyone feels this way. Valentines can sometimes be a really difficult day for a lot of people; seeing lot’s of loved up couples posting all over Social Media (guilty!) can suddenly make the feeling of loneliness creep over anyone. However, I think it’s important to remember this is a day of Love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a day to celebrate romantic relationships, why not share the love you have for your parents, your best friend or even your pet! It can be a happy day for everyone, not just couples.

However, I thought today’s post could be something everyone can relate to, not only on Valentines, but all year round. Self love and self worth. I’m not promoting big headedness or being cocky but I am promoting taking the time to think ‘actually, yes, I am doing just fine’ and remembering that you don’t need anyone else to have to tell you that.

“Even on my worst day, when I’m feeling awful, I smile and say ‘you’re doing the best you can. Good job, b**ch'” – Amy Schumer

So here are my top tips to how to feel good about yourself and ‘love yourself’.

1. Don’t dwell – The biggest thing that hold so many people back is their own negative thoughts. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses and that is completely fine, there is nothing wrong with accepting that. There is nothing wrong with thinking about your weaknesses but don’t dwell on them; if you want to try and work on them then do but don’t let them hold you back from growing. Focus on your strengths. Are you really creative? Do you find it easy to motivate people? Have you got a huge heart? Don’t let your amazing qualities be over shadowed by negative ways of thinking.

2. Be you – Give up trying to please and be everyone else’s idea of perfect. The sooner you realise you aren’t going to be able to make every single person happy, the sooner you will make yourself happy. Have you got a quirky personality or style? Embrace it. Are you more of an introvert? Don’t force yourself to be the centre of attention. Once you accept who you are and run with it you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

3. Forgive yourself  – Have you got a past your not happy with? Do you have a past that still haunts you? Were you a different person in the past? If so, forgive yourself. Look how far you have come and celebrate that. We all have a story to tell but it’s how we move on from that story that sculpts our future. We have all made bad decisions in the past, that doesn’t make us bad people it makes us human.

4. Get away – Distance yourself from people that bring you down. Keep your friendship circle tight – quality always wins over quantity. Your friends should inspire, motivate and excite you. Anyone that doesn’t do this will bring you down and have such a huge impact on your feeling of self worth. Stay away from people that try to put you down and aren’t happy for you.

5. Embrace the future – Nobody who is successful in life made it there without a few knock backs. Don’t fear the thought of failing or making a mistake.

6. Feel proud – Always remember your achievements. No matter how small. Maybe it was passing your driving test, learning to play an instrument, getting that dream job or even something as small as not burning your toast this morning! Don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself, remember that feeling of accomplishment and never let someone take that from you.

7. Keep happy – Try and do at least one thing a day that makes you happy. Try it now – write down a list of everything, big and small, that makes you happy. It might be drawing a picture, going to the gym, watching your fave television show, calling your best friend – Once you start adding these small things in to your every day life, everything suddenly seems a lot brighter.

8. Give love – The more you begin to spread happiness and care on to others, the more you will start to feel it in yourself. People with a lot of self worth and happiness will always come across as being caring, generous and kind and that’s because they want to share the love they have for themselves with others and want others to feel the same way about themselves. What goes around comes around, if you give love to someone else you will feel it to.

So there we have my 8 top tips on how to feel self worth and self love. Some people will find this harder than others but that is fine. Finding self worth is an individual journey for every single person but stick with it and soon you will be seeing and feeling big changes.

Just as a last thought for you to take away. Remember that time comes and goes, people come and go and if we’re not careful life will pass in a flash. Be true to yourself and that feeling of loving yourself will remain forever.

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12 thoughts on “Love Yourself.

  1. Love this! Beautiful post 😊 I spent V-day with my lovely mum, like you say it’s not a time to feel alone, it’s a day to cherish love with whoever you share love with 💟
    Hope you have a lovely valentines with your other half, do you have anything nice planned?! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you babe, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I really loved writing this one 💕
      Awhh that’s lovely! You’re exactly right – today is a chance to share the love to whoever you want 💕
      We’re going out for Tapas tonight with my lovely mum and step dad – you really can’t beat family time 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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