My Designer Wish-List


I look at today’s post and just think… I wish!! I am very much a bargain hunter and very rarely buy anything designer or hugely high end. Just because, as I have said before, I’m adulting hard at the minute trying to save money for a house. But who says that has to stop me window shopping! I am 100% guilty of browsing the web for things I can’t afford or walking round a designer store pretending that I can. So today I thought I would put together my designer wish list in the hope that this Friday I win the EuroMillions and can have it all in my possession by Sunday.

Loubies - 5951. Christian Louboutins, £595 – Since the day I can remember I have always wanted a pair of Loubies and I won’t rest until I have some. I may have to wait for that lottery win but these babies will be mine. I absolutely love the Red sole! especially on a Nude shoe, the colour contrast looks amazing. However, I do have to say, my sister has had a couple of Loubies and always worries about wearing them as the Red Sole can get damaged really easily; so maybe they can be an indoor shoe!!


MK Whitney 270

Michael Kors, Whitney, £270 – I don’t know many girls that would turn down a MK! I particularly love the 2 contrasting colours on this bag. They are still neutral colours so can be used throughout the year and with most outfits but it does add that little bit of something else. At £270 I don’t think this is too bad; especially if you’re going to be using it every day. At least you can get your monies worth out of a handbag! There’s just something really classy and glamorous about all MK bags; I love them.

Paul Valentine - £119

Paul Valentine, Marble Rose Gold, £119 – If you’ve been on Instagram lately you’ll know that the Paul Valentine watches are taking over. They are everywhere I look and I love them so much. I’ve never really been a massive watch kinda gal but I can’t get enough of these stunners. I absolutely love the marble effect on the face of the watch and I think the mesh style strap would work perfectly for every day or evening. I honestly don’t think the price is too bad for a high quality watch either. I mean, you could probably get a dupe somewhere that looks really similar I just haven’t had chance to go searching – please let me know if you’ve found a bargain alternative!

Chanel Dress 5360


Chanel, Spring/Summer 2018, £5360 – Now shoot me if I’m wrong but I struggle to see how designer ‘run way’ clothes would actually be worn on a day to day basis. So I don’t really have much on my Wish List when it comes to clothes however, I do like to keep up with what the big designers are bringing out and taking inspiration from them. Whilst doing this on the Chanel website I stumbled across this beauty and actually thought… wow you could genuinely wear this. It would be perfect for a wedding or party. I love the Skater skirt; I think this style of dress is really flattering on every body shape. However, I am 100% positive you can find pretty much the exact same dress down your high street for a fraction of this price!

So there we have it; a few items that I wouldn’t mind having in my possession but can’t quite justify buying. I am definitely a bargain hunter and will always do what I can do find cheaper alternatives to high end/designer items.

Let me know what you think of these bits and if there is anything in particular on your Wish List.






7 thoughts on “My Designer Wish-List

  1. I’ve seen runway shoes and thought, “who would actually wear this?” but fashion is about being unique and trying all types of styles so I’m glad there are people that wear everything we see in shows, maybe one day I’ll try some new trends

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